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our motto:
"Making tools and woodshop supplies available to our troops overseas - at no cost to them."
         "HAMMER STRONG!"
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Helping our troops better the quality of their lives - one hammer at a time!
Our featured woodshop: Task Force Warrior, Tagab Valley, Afghanistan
"For want of a nail the horseshoe was lost...
for want of a horseshoe the horse was lost...
for want of a horse the rider was lost...
for want of a rider the battle was lost...
for want of a battle the war was lost."
- English Proverb
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website updated:  21 Oct 2009
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Combat battle flag flown on two combat sorties in Afghanistan, an F15E Strike Eagle and an EC130H Compass Call, with certificates signed by the crews, sent to the G.I. Woodshop. >>>>
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PFC Socha pounding nails at TF Eagle Lift, Afghanistan.
Right: Handmade book/CD shelves in Iraq.