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Iraq project pix - gallery 2
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During the CBS Katie Couric interview of Gen McKiernan in May 2009, the camera showed the background of the room they were in. The little wooden stands in the background with the helmets and body armor hanging on them are called "B.R.O. buddies" and initially came from the woodshops on Camp Taji, Iraq. They are now used throughout OEF/OIF and the G.I. Woodshop is pleased to have been a part of their development.   (click on the photo to go to the CBS News interview video)
This simple yet effective innovation has not only made life easier but also saved lives by allowing the body armor to completely dry out, stay ready-to-wear in a moment's notice, and most of all, it keeps out the vast amount of poisonous critters that like to crawl inside them when on the ground. The woodshop troop who came up with the design was awarded an Army Commendation Medal.
An original B.R.O. buddy on duty at Camp Taji, Iraq during the Surge.
Portable Water Shades
These three-sided Portable Water Shades have also helped to save lives in Iraq. They were the ingenious invention of a woodshop NCOIC, SGT McQueen at Camp Taji.  These shades could be easily picked up and moved to set over any of the pre-positioned water bottle pallets that were placed throughout Iraq. Without shade, and even if the pallets were wrapped in black plastic, in the unrelenting heat and blistering sun, the water in the bottles would reach near boiling. That made the water unusable for its intended purpose: to save lives by rehydration and cooling.  Just a little bit of vented shade keeps the bottles down to a drinkable temperature - and ultimately saves lives.
SGT McQueen also earned an Army Commendation Medal.