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  B-hut partitions         B-hut shelves                                                       Rafter Joists 
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Projects completed with the help of donors like you!
project pix
(clockwise from top left)   Three months worth of packages sent last year to FOB Kutschbach.
Local workers are contracted for the initial B-hut construction. Once they are done, they are done. Notice the wood is all rough-cut and not cured.
New B-hut ready. No partitions. No shelves. No doors.
Personal lockers with gunracks below them.
Framing an outdoor break area at TF Eagle Lift. Notice the shoulder-slung weapons always at the ready.
Break room table and benches.
More gunracks being built.
PFC Socha pounding nails in rafters. Notice moldy, non-cured rough-cut wood.
Finished outdoor break area at TF Eagle Lift.
Another several G.I. Woodshop packages all at once.